Catering & Special Orders

From meetings and birthdays to weddings, graduations, and showers, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a doughnut! Our prices are a-la-carte which means we can cater based on the budget you have available.

Bulk Doughnuts

Orders over 10 dozen are considered bulk and are discounted!

$18.00 per dozen

Stacked Cakes

Doughnuts stacked to form a cake
12 doughnnuts or 18 doughnuts

12 Doughnuts: $31.00
18 Doughnuts: $43.50

Custom Decoration

We can customize doughnuts for special designs, characters, add writing, special colors, etc.

$3.00 and up per doughnut
Intricate designs may include additional costs

Doughnut Walls

We offer doughnut walls that you can rent or you can use your own wall!
Our walls sit on easels and require a table.
Small wall requires a 2.5′ by 2′ space.
Large wall requires a 4′ by 2′ space.
Rentals require a deposit

Small Wall Rental: $50.00
Large Wall Rental: $100.00

Stands & Plates

We also offer other rental equipment too or you can use your own! Be creative!
Rentals require a deposit

$10.00 to $20.00 each
Price based on equipment


We offer delivery services if your order is 10 or more dozen. Fees are based on mileage.
For orders under 10 dozen we recommend using UberEats

<5 miles: $10.00
5 to 10 miles: $25.00
15 to 25 miles: $35.00


We offer setup services for your event!

$25.00 and up
Intricate setups may include additional costs

For Deposits: Credit card information is collected; payment is only necessary if the equipment is not returned or is damaged.

Schedule a Consultation

We love to customize our doughnuts and displays to match your event or theme.
Schedule a consult with us to discuss your ideas.